Telemedicine Consultation with

Dr. Echenberg - Options and Fees

Tele-Medicine Visits for Potential New Patients or for those who cannot get to our Pennsylvania office for an in-person visit. All calls limited to individuals aged 18 and above - unless accompanied by parent or guardian.

All calls with Dr. Echenberg need to be scheduled and made through our office manager by first contacting us via email at: . The office manager will promptly get back to you and will explain how to schedule an appointment on a HIPPA compliant platform (privacy assured). The platform is called And, if you have questions, we can also explain the fee schedule and methods of payment more fully.

Initial Consultation - complete questionnaire should be filled out and sent to us prior to making new patient consultation appointment

  • 2+ Hour extensive first consultation with Dr. Echenberg - Individualized pain education based on review of your own personal history - including resources and what questions to ask when seeking help with providers back home. This option can include educational slides, review of patient’s previous doctor reports or reports of ultrasounds, x-rays, CT scans, and/or MRIs and MRNs. Cost: US $500

Follow Up Consultation Fee Schedule

  • 30 minute follow up calls: $150 - One hour call: $225.  


Credit Cards Accepted: Yes