Telemedicine Consultation and Counseling with

Dr. Echenberg - Options and Fees

Tele-Medicine Visits for Potential New Patients or for those who cannot get to our Pennsylvania office for an in-person visit. All calls limited to individuals aged 18 and above - unless accompanied by parent or guardian.

All calls with Dr. Echenberg need to be scheduled and made through our office manager by first contacting us via email at: . The office manager will promptly get back to you and will explain how to schedule an appointment on a HIPPA compliant platform (privacy assured). The platform is called And, if you have questions, we can also explain the fee schedule and methods of payment more fully.

Initial Consultation Options - both options require filling out our questionnaire and sending it to us prior to call.

  • 60 minute Consultation with Dr. Echenberg on complex abdominal/pelvic pain syndrome, including discussion of common genital and sexual pain disorders. This is a general teaching and educational session intended to provide more in-depth information.  – Cost: US $250
  • 90 minute Extensive consultation with Dr. Echenberg - Individualized pain education based on review of your own personal history - including resources and what questions to ask when seeking help with providers back home. This option can include educational slides, review of patient’s previous doctor reports or reports of ultrasounds, x-rays, CT scans, and/or MRIs and MRNs. Cost: US $350

Follow Up Consultation Fee Schedule

  • 30 minute follow up calls: $150 - add $75 for each additional 15 minutes.

Additional Consultation Opportunities with Dr. Echenberg:

In addition to consultation and counseling on Chronic Pelvic Pain, Dr. Echenberg is also available and knowledgeable in the area of general pain management issues. These additional areas of interest to you might include the following:

General chronic pain counseling with Dr. Echenberg for Fibromyalgia, Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, Inflammatory Pain Disorders, Low Back Pain and others for women or men.

For younger women below the age of 18 and accompanied by a parent or guardian, counseling and education is available for the prevention of pelvic, genital and sexual pain disorders. As an example, this consultation/education opportunity might be related to sports injuries, dance training, other traumatic injury, or sexual abuse.

Individual counseling and education with Dr. Echenberg for female genital and sexual pain - sexual partner invited: - questionnaire required.

Other instances of chronic pain, such as, Migraine Headaches TMJ, arthritis, etc., may also benefit from pain management counseling.

The fees for these consultations follow the same fee schedule outlined above for Initial Consultations and Follow Up Consultations. And, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by writing to:

Additionally, because we believe in Interdisciplinary care models, it is possible for you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Echenberg that might also include another care provider. This might include your regular care provider, particularly if you live outside of our geographical area. Or, whether you live here or away, it could be a provider recommended by Dr. Echenberg to help you find an appropriate provider, wherever you live.

In such an instance where you would like to have a joint consultation including yourself, Dr. Echenberg, and another health care provider, the fees are set out below. And, in both options below, you are required to fill out and return to us a completed questionnaire.

  • A 30 minute consultation with the patient and his/her own physician, counselor or Physical Therapist: Cost $150 This is the fee for Dr. Echenberg's time and your own provider may generate their own billing.
  • A 30 minutes consultation with the patient and a pelvic pain professional practitioner recommended by, and working with, Dr. Echenberg (i.e., Life coach, expert pelvic floor physical therapist, counselor, nutritional therapist): Cost $200, which would include the cost of the additional practitioner working with Dr. Echenberg.

Credit Cards Accepted: Yes