Message from Dr. E

My passion for integrated care in women's health continues with the creation of this multidisciplinary regional approach to the clinical care, education, and research associated with pain in women.  For two decades I have developed a specialized program for chronic pelvic and sexual pain.  I learned that there have been enormous advances in the science of pain transmission and processing involving genetics, gender, trauma, cumulative life experiences, nervous system and muscle "memory", and that acute pain and inflammation are essential to our survival.  However, when enough "hurt" and trauma turn into chronic pain syndromes, many layers of the "onion" need to be peeled away.  Doing that cannot be accomplished by any single approach or practitioner.  We hope that our Institute will contribute to "connecting the dots" for individuals and the community at large.

Important Announcement:  One office site and a new mailing address

Since March 2021, Dr. Echenberg has been seeing patients in person only at the Bethlehem location.   Dr. E is also continuing many patient visits by  video calls on a HIPPA compliant platform.  The Covid 19 pandemic encouraged less direct office visits, and we are now doing our new patient visits online as well.

The phone, fax and email will remain the same.

Mailing address is now:  406 Delaware Ave.  Bethlehem, PA 18015

We are seeing patients at our Bethlehem office located at:     

  • 406 Delaware Ave.  Bethlehem, PA, 18015  - enter from back of building.

Please click here for a look at Chapter 3 from the Pain Down There DVD co-produced with Dr. Echenberg and 3 other professional colleagues.    View with Dropbox.