Treatment Program Options

A unique, comprehensive, non-surgical, multi-disciplinary assessment and treatment program for chronic pelvic, genital and sexual pain.

Since 2001, Dr. Robert Echenberg has carefully developed one of the only comprehensive clinical programs in the nation that has incorporated the newest research in pain while caring for over fifteen hundred women and a growing number of men with a variety of these painful disorders related to the pelvic region. Large numbers of Dr. Echenberg’s patients have previously undergone multiple invasive diagnostic or surgical procedures for their pain, and have already been seen by multiple medical and surgical specialists.

Starting with the very first visit to our program, it becomes immediately clear that our approach to your symptoms and health is dealt with in a comprehensive, caring and completely individualized fashion. We want to help you towards the goal of “getting your life back” as quickly and as realistically as possible.

The purpose for this direct conversation with Dr. Echenberg primarily will be to give you educational information about your issues and our program. The doctor obviously cannot give you direct medical advice, but you will certainly be able to make a better decision about seeing him in Pennsylvania once you talk with him directly.

Therapeutic Options in Bethlehem, PA

Concierge type practice – a physician visit like you have never experienced!

Basic Package for new patient in-office visit:

  • 3 – 4 hour in-office visit with Dr. Echenberg and clinical staff
  • Comprehensive review of medical history and intake questionnaire
  • Specialized medical exam
  • Review of evidence-based, multi-disciplinary diagnoses and management of chronic pelvic, genital, and/or sexual pain
  • Advanced education on how pain is processed and how this affects your experience of pain
  • A comprehensive individualized medical treatment plan by Dr. Echenberg
  • Referrals given for specialized pelvic floor physiotherapists and integrated counseling modalities

Dr. Echenberg believes in treating the “whole person” for these types of complex pelvic, genital and sexual pain disorders – bringing a support person of your choice with you is highly recommended. Support and understanding from those around you is so vital for best therapeutic response

All-Inclusive Intensive Evaluation Option – for long distance travelers

  • 3 day (4 night) arrive Sunday, leave Thursday or Friday – see Dr. Echenberg for 2 or 3 visits
    This week away from home, with a support person of your choice, in our caring, quiet, therapeutic and safe environment can be life changing!
  • We have had good success for a number of patients traveling from out of town, with our 3-4 day intensive visit, which includes assessment and treatments from Dr. Echenberg, time to relax, absorb and process our approach, and plan a continued regimen back home and to revisit us at reasonable intervals.
  • Multi-disciplinary evaluation and therapies will be optional but recommended during the time with us; for example we offer access to physiotherapy, energy and mind/body techniques such as Reiki, Mindfulness, gentle Yoga, etc.

The cost for seeing Dr. Echenberg with this option, (as an “out of network patient”) will be an all-inclusive, one-time fee including any types of treatments that he administers and feels would be indicated for your specific needs. Although transportation and hotel plans are not part of the package, we will help guide you in making these arrangements. For this option, you also need to fully complete a questionnaire.


Click here to download female or male questionnaire (then hit your browser back button to return to our site) and return it to us at We will then set up communication with you to schedule a first visit with Dr. Echenberg.

There are also options to speak with Dr. Echenberg on a HIPPA compliant Telemedicine platform. Click here to see Telemedicine options. For a 90 minute personalized appointment online you also must submit to us your fully filled out questionnaire.

Initial Contact information:   E-mail:     Fax: 610-868-0204

Payment Plan Options: Complete Fee Schedule Available upon Request

Our program is not accepting any private, state or Medicare reimbursements. It will be payment by cash, check or any major credit card. You will be an “out of network” patient, and following payment at the time of service, we will give you a full receipt stating the exact coding and charges to submit to your carrier for any type of re-imbursement allowed in your plan. Should you need help with any of our upfront fees, we will guide you through the process of receiving CareCredit that can allow you an interest-free loan for up to a full 18-months. Ask about this option today!